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help Christians stay on the right course
What is SoaringWings Ministries all about?
Rebuilding walls!
You have something that the Devil doesn't
have! This truth is the last thing that he
wants you to know about!
Believe it our not, fire is your friend. Find
out why. This may forever change how
you look at adversity.
Here's some great news for us failures.
Sadly, the church is full of goats who
think that they are sheep!
What you learn from this old mule can
radically change your life.
If you think you don't have what it
takes - then you have
exactly what
you need.
What do you do when you're at the
end of your endurance?
It's possibly the worst form of pride
-- bitterness, and it's a deadly killer!
Find out why.
The Bible is full of "Fear-nots." Yet,
so many Christians are full of fears!
Why? Is there a way that I can be
free of FEAR?  
Just in Case You've Forgotten...
A reminder from your friendly
neighborhood chaplain-Do you doubt
God's love for you?
Then go here!
Are Christians supposed to laugh?
NOT laughing at the contents of
this link.
SoaringWings Media
Do you need some...
Get a healthy
dose of God's
Daily Word
Have you been hurt by someone
and now you're building walls in
order to protect yourself? You may
be surprised at what those walls
really are.
A place devoted to honoring the USA
and those who defend her.
Do you need God to do a miracle in your
home or in some other relationship? Here
are three words that just might make it
This is a candid look at the all-important
office of pastor. Many pastors are under
a curse. Could you be one of them?
This often-overlooked truth can fill your
life with overwhelming victory!
I discovered that for years I had been
asking God the wrong question. Are
A response to those who use the
name of Jesus like it's a swear word
Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture
references are taken the HOLY BIBLE,
Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International
Bible Society. Used by permission of
Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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The Mad Preacher
Life Information:
Why did God say, "I hate divorce."?
The answer is simple; God is divorced?
The military may not want them. Corporate
America may turn away from them. Sadly,
many churches don’t want them either. Ah…
but God does.
Freedom! The Study Guide
Can one be truly free? Yes! Download the
study guide and learn how.
Are you wondering what God's plan is
for your life? Have you ever thought,
“Gee,  I wonder if there’s some formula
that will help me to determine God’s
will.” Let me answer that with three
words: yes, yes, and yes!
Are you an end-time junkie? Preachers,
are you a purveyor of myths concerning
the end-times? If so, then, you have got
to read this! Did you know that nowhere
in the Bible does it clearly
teach that
Jesus is coming back to earth to set up
a throne in Jerusalem and reign for a
thousand years?
It's just not there!  
Are you bound by empty legalism and
the teachings of man? Is your faith
natural or … supernatural? Check this
. It will open  your eyes!
Hey, Mom and Dad! Do you need some
helpful information to help you raise your
kids in this crazy world?
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“There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death.”
(Proverbs 14: 12)         
In honor of America's Fallen Heroes
who have given their very best to
protect our Nation from our enemies
What are you clinging to that is dragging you further and
further away from God? You may be surprised!
The Reviews are in:

Reading The Wrong Skirt, was fun, insightful, and right on target.
Rod has captured the essence of today's search for meaningful
faith and hope for the future. As a pastor for over 30 years I saw
first hand the struggles that people went through and the foolish
choices they make in their search for truth. Rodney Davis has
clearly described this struggle and given a beautiful plan for
choosing the right path for one's life. I hope that many will read
and apply this book to their lives.

Terry Davis
Retired Senior Pastor
Ocean City Baptist Church
Ocean City, Maryland

“Pure religion and undefiled… is there more to serving God that
merely attending a service on Sunday morning. To be in
relationship with God is far more different than knowing about
God. In The Wrong Skirt, Rod Davis challenges the reader to
examine their own heart and motives in serving God. Many of
the religious “sacred cows”, religious ideas and practices are
placed on God’s alter. In our world of inclusiveness and spiritual
plurality it is not enough to know what you believe; you must also
know why you believe. Rod will challenge you to build upon a
solid foundation.”

Dr Jimmy DuPree
Director of Student Services
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Cleveland, Tennessee
Do you feel trapped by religion or sin? Do you want
to be free from relying on your own performance to
get you into Heaven? If so, I've got some great news
for you!
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