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The key to victory!
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart,
O God, you will not despise.
(Psalm 51:17)

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful stallion galloping across a meadow. His
sleek coat is glistening in the sun, his long mane blowing in the wind.
So beautiful, so majestic, so gifted and powerful, yet absolutely useless
to his master… until broken. Many of us are the same way. We may
have many gifts and talents. We may have much we could offer God,
and those around us, but we’re absolutely useless to our Master until
we’re broken.

To be broken is to completely lay aside your personal agendas and
yield fully to the lordship of Christ. For most of us, that doesn’t happen
until God brings us through a season of heartache and pain. It’s a
painful process, but the rewards are enormous.

Samuel anointed David to be king over Israel. God declared him the
undisputed king of His people on that day. Yet, he did not take his
rightful place on the throne for ten long painful years. God had a plan
to use David in unprecedented ways, but David was not ready. He had
to be broken. God already has one unyielding king in Saul. He did not
want another.  

When David penned these words he had come to a fundamental
understanding. You see, God doesn’t want vessels to merely hold the
things of His Spirit. He wants broken vessels, so that these things can
pour out into the lives of others. So, bear this in mind, when God
brings that season of brokenness into your life. He wants to make you
useful to the Master. He’s preparing you for greatness in the Kingdom.
So, yield to the process, and
don’t try to fix what God’s trying to break.

             I think about the years I spent just passing through
                          I'd like to have them back again
                              And give them all to You
                     But You just smile and take my hand
                    You've been there and You understand
                             It's all part of a grander plan
                                    That is coming true

                              That every long lost dream
                               Led me to where You are
                              Others who broke my heart
                             They were like northern stars
                                Pointing me on my way
                                 Into Your loving arms
                               This much I know is true
                         That God blessed the broken road
                             That led me straight to You*  

*God Bless The Broken Road by Geoff Moore from the album, Geoff Moore
©1999 ForeFront Records
All scripture references are from The New International Version of The Bible.